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Rob's line of instructional DVDs includes such titles as: The Wood-Hinge Box, Mastering the Dovetail Saw, Hand-Cut Mortise and Tenon, The Alan Peters Approach, Drawer Making - the Professional Approach, Hand-Cut Dovetails, Advanced Hand-Cut Dovetails, Hand Planing and Sharpening, and Rough to Ready. Rob Cosman is your authorized dealer of top-quality Auriou rasps and rifflers, as well as his own line of RC Jigs. He's also your authorized Canadian dealer for Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Canada.

DVD and Tool Sets

“Please understand that we do not receive income from DVD rentals or downloads. If you enjoy learning woodworking techniques from DVDs, please support the production of future releases by purchasing your own DVD copy, instead of renting or downloading. Thanks!”
– Rob

"The Rob Cosman Approach DVD with Marking Knife and Saw Tooth Blade"

Just getting started? Buy the dovetail marking knife ($46.95), the new saw tooth blade ($24.95) and get our latest DVD (The Rob Cosman Approach $19.95)


Hand Cut Dovetails, the Rob Cosman Approach

  • Introduction and why another Dovetail DVD
  • Rob cuts the joint using his new method in real "shop time"
  • Tool overview, why some work better than others and buying advice
  • The one on one workshop, Rob coaches Dave through his first ever hand cut dovetail using the "New" method
  • Results speak louder than words!

This is our first production with a real student being taught on camera. Dave represents the average student I have attending my workshops and since he has never cut the joint before, it was a perfect setting to introduce my new technique. If you have yet to master the hand cut dovetail, this video will get you where you want to be.
Reg. $19.95

Dovetail Marking Knife

IBC Presents Rob Cosman's Dovetail Marking Knife.

"For over thirty years one of my most trusted dovetail tools has been my modified marking knife. Working with renowned blade manufacture IBC we have re-created every detail in this replica tool. Transferring tails to pins accurately is such a vital step in the dovetail joint I think you will find this to be your missing link!"
Rob Cosman
Your Hand Tool Coach

Cast metal handle. Replacement blades available
Reg. $46.95

Rob Cosman Dovetail Marking Knife Saw Tooth Blade

Achieve better dovetails right from the saw with my new saw tooth blade installed in my dovetail marking knife.
Reg. $24.95

$81.90 USD plus shipping and applicable tax. View shipping rates table.

2hrs 30 mins

"Advanced Hand-Cut Dovetails and Fret Saw Set"

The DVD - Bench-side instruction on hand-cutting hounds tooth, half-blind and mitered edge dovetails. Building on "Hand Cut Dovetails" Rob takes you through the more difficult variations of the joint one step at a time, each thoroughly explained as it is demonstrated. An additional camera was used in this dvd to provide even closer shots of what was happening at the "cutting edge". Rob introduces some custom tools he has found to make the job easier and faster. "Advanced Hand Cut Dovetails" is a precursor to "Drawer Making".

The Fret Saw - We have sold hundreds of these fret saws as a result of the dovetail dvds. This is the saw featured in "Advanced H-C Dovetails", it is lighter, has two tensioning mechanisms and the blade clamps reduce blade breakage.  Rob favours this saw and offers it for sale with 12 blades ($47.95).  Buy it with the dvd and save a few dollars as well as the extra shipping, dvd and saw w/blades, $71.95 plus one shipping charge.

Reminder - Don't forget to order hockey tape!
This is the easiest way to improve your grip on smooth hard grip tool handles. I use it on my fret saw, some of my screwdrivers and it works great on “F” clamp handles.
Buy now!

$71.95 USD plus shipping and applicable tax. View shipping rates table.

60 Minutes

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"Wood-Hinge Box DVD and Jig Set"

As seen on "The Wood-Hinge Box" this is Rob's 1/4 dowel centre drilling jig. Buy it with the dvd and save $5. No extra shipping when you buy the two together.

Jig should fit any 3/8" chuck, ready to use.

The DVD - Bench side instruction on turning bits to boxes. Rob shows you how to make the jigs to turn "would be" scraps into beautiful wood hinged boxes. Using a combination of hand and power tools Rob walks you through the building processes using precision and speed. Emphasis is placed on constructing the concealed wood hinge with options shown on completing the most difficult tasks. This is the first in a new series of project dvds.

$64.95 USD plus shipping and applicable tax. View shipping rates table.

1hr 45 min

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