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Rob's line of instructional DVDs includes such titles as: The Wood-Hinge Box, Mastering the Dovetail Saw, Hand-Cut Mortise and Tenon, The Alan Peters Approach, Drawer Making - the Professional Approach, Hand-Cut Dovetails, Advanced Hand-Cut Dovetails, Hand Planing and Sharpening, and Rough to Ready. Rob Cosman is your authorized dealer of top-quality Auriou rasps and rifflers, as well as his own line of RC Jigs. He's also your authorized Canadian dealer for Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Canada.
Fret Saw Titemark Gauge Ash and Bubinga Mallet Woodhing Drilling Jig Panel Gauge Dovetail Marker Drawer Bottom Plane Winding Sticks Grinding Tool Rest

Rob's Specialty Tools

Purple Heart Project
“We are offering 100 of these special packages. To help support our wounded/disabled Vet workshops, with your $250.00 USD donation we will send you 2 rolls of hockey stick tape, a saw tooth blade for your RC dovetail knife, the four DVDs shown and a limited edition Purple Heart dovetail marker. We are donating the products so all but $15 (shipping) of your $250 will support the Vets. They deserve it and we need your help, thank-you!.”

One-Off Saws
“Here are some new wood handled saws I am offering for sale. I make these myself and price them according to what I think they are worth based on the wood, the time and the finished look.”

Domestic Wood Handled Saws
“For those looking for a more traditional handled saw with all the tooth line benefits of our award winning saws, here you go! ”

Dovetail Saw
“Having taught thousands of woodworkers how to hand cut dovetails I know this saw will help more than anything else I’ve done”

Crosscut Joinery Saw
“Teaching folks to make joints from the first cutting tool, the saw, is what I consider to be an essential part of good craftsmanship. To that end I have been designing and building shop saws that help make that task possible.”

Tenon Saw
"In the August issue of Fine Woodworking Magazine, my tenon saw was reviewed along with 14 other saws. There were three categories of saws, crosscut, rip and hybrid. My saw was selected “Best Overall” of the rip saws."

Rob's Favourites
Fish Brad Point Drills - I'm not often this impressed with what appears a common tool. A few years ago I was sent these drills and asked to try them out. Wow! If you have watched any of my online workshops you have heard me rave about how precise these bits are and how clean they cut.

Rob Cosman’s Kerf X-10
"By using the Kerf X-10, the saw cut is completed and the process of waste removal is sped up and done more accurately."

Fret Saw
This is the fret saw Rob uses now since making his "Hand Cut Dovetail" dvd.

Angle Trainer
The Rob Cosman Angle Trainer is the perfect tool to help you develop the proper method of hand sharpening your plane blade.

Dovetail Trainer
The Rob Cosman Angle Trainer is the perfect tool to help improve or perfect your hand-cut dovetails.

Made of Bubinga and Ash, this is very close to the mallet Rob uses in his shop.

Dovetail Markers
This is the same dovetail marker Rob uses in his videos

Dovetail Marking Knife
Rob Cosman’s Dovetail marking knife may be the “missing link” in hand cut dovetails.

Drawer Bottom Planes
This plane is made to cut the 1/4" groove 3/8" up from the bottom and 1/4" deep.


Panel Gauges
Back by popular demand! Beam is 20" and the head is 8 1/8" to help eliminate racking during use

Winding Sticks
Robs winding sticks are made from stable quarter sawn dark hardwoods.

Woodhinge Drilling Bit
Robs jig for drilling the dowel used in his wood hinge dvd is the key to a successful hinge.


Grinding Tool Rests
The Wolverine Grinding Tool Rest

Plane Blade And Chipbreaker Matched Set
The new IBC/Cosman Blade and Chipbreaker match ground set can turn an old Stanley or Record relic into a premium hand plane.

WoodRiver Planes
WoodRiver Bench and Block Planes (Canadian orders only. please)

Pinnacle Spokeshaves
Radius and Flat Spokeshaves by Pinnacle (Canadian orders only. please)

Trend® Diamond Tools
Diamond Bench Stone, Diamond Machinist File, Diamond Tapered Files (North American orders only)

Lapping Fuid and Water Stone Additive
Lapping Fluid - Designed solely for use in the engineering industry for use with diamond abrasives and used for more than 30 years.
Water Stone Additive - Honerite Gold is a universal grinding, honing and lapping additive that makes water non-corrosive.

IBC Chisels
They come with Maple or Walnut handles but you can turn custom handles. First observations: they come dead flat, prep the backs from factory to 16k Polish in under 20 minutes, fantastic edge holding, light and depending on your choice of handle wood they can be even lighter, very comfortable in the hand, option to buy extra blades at a discount and use one handle assembly, switch takes just seconds.